At New Age Legal Solutions, our strengths are our professionalism, experience and personal contact with our clients. Working in the legal industry in Queensland, we are aware of how to obtain the outcome that you require and foresee any issues before they become issues, deal with them and move on. That is why our commitment of excellence to you is paramount.

Further, our on-line conveyancing process (or e-conveyancing), means that you do not have to attend our office at all. In fact we do conveyances for people all over Queensland and we would see perhaps 1% of our clients in person.  This gives you more time to do what you need to do regarding moving house, rather than seeing us.

We are quietly building a reputation as a highly respected conveyancing/legal practice. We have extensive legal knowledge and experience in many areas of law.

As your solicitors, we oversee all documents including transfers, correspondence and quality assurance measures.

We believe so strongly in providing value for money, that you will find that we are the best value lawyers undertaking conveyancing in Queensland.

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